Tuesday, June 30, 2015

On "Christianity Meets Modernity"

New Worlds, New Challenges and New Churches

The nineteenth century gave no respite to a traditional Christianity still reeling from the social upheavals of the 1700s. After such seismic shocks as the Enlightenment, the French and American Revolutions, the rationalism of Leibniz and Kant, and the first of the Great Awakenings, the traditional churches of Europe and America tumbled into the uncertainties of modernity off-balance, unsure and, for the most part, unprepared. All the consequences of the movements begun in the previous century would be visited upon the Church throughout the modern era. Change was definitely in the air and the social, political and spiritual landscapes of Europe and America would be altered forever.

That’s the opening paragraph of an essay I wrote for my History of Christianity paper. It’s about the challenges and changes the Church faced during the nineteenth century. To read it, just click here or on the Pages tab at the top of this blog called Christianity Meets Modernity. As with the last essay I posted, it's a bit academic, but I guarantee there’s no Greek in it.

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