Sunday, June 19, 2016

End of Year Two

Last assignment submitted on Moodle

It's all downhill from here.

This time last year, I posted about having just submitted my final assignment for the second semester of the first year of my Bachelor of Theology (BTh) degree at Laidlaw College. Well, yesterday I just submitted my final assignment for the second semester of my second year. Yippee, another year over!

Each year of full-time study here consists of two semesters of four courses (or papers), each of which is made up of fifteen credits. The degree requirement is three-hundred and sixty credits, so a regular BTh should take three years of full-time study. In my case, though, I took one fifteen credit course by online distance learning (DL) during the break last summer (Nov-Feb) and I was awarded thirty credits for my self-study in Greek. This means that, instead of having two full semesters left to go (or another full year), I've only got five papers left; four of which I'll do next semester (Jul-Nov). The last one will be another summer semester DL from Nov '16 to Feb '17. So, time-wise, I'll be finishing my degree a full semester early.

This means that I'll be able to start my twelve month-long Master of Theology (MTh) degree about four months early, too.

Although, wonderfully enough, even that looks like it might not proceed in typical fashion. You see, Laidlaw's senior New Testament lecturer, Dr Mark Keown, told me that, if I do as well in the required postgraduate research class as I've already done in his undergraduate classes, he would happily support my application to Dunedin's Otago University for an upgrade from Masters to doctorate--something I didn't even know was possible! I was surprised and grateful for the suggestion and see no reason not to go for it. So, the Lord willing, this time next year I should be posting about starting my PhD thesis!

Isn't God amazing?

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